Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Journal Pages

Don't think I uploaded July's JP so here are my July and August Journal Pages for the Contemporary Quilt section of the Quilters Guild challenge.

July's page is Boney M's "Brown Girl in the Ring". The rhythm of this song always reminds me of the playground skipping games we played. I find myself bobbing around whenever I hear it. That's what i wanted to create, something with the playground feel and memory.

I knew exactly what I wanted to do, Dresden Plate type pattern with gingerbread ladies in a ring. I finished it fairly quickly then went to bed. When I came down in the morning and looked at it in the morning light I thought "Oh no!! it looks like a christmas tree skirt!!!". I was really disappointed and thought I'd have to start all over again. I was about put it away to become another ufo when the thought came to me, try Linda Kemshall's paint trick. I took my courage in my hands and painted the whole thing in metallic white acrylic paint. And it worked!! It took on the oldfashioned memory page look I wanted for this journal page.

My August page however had been pushing at me for quite some time and it couldn't wait to be born. It was all my son's fault he set me off...... he came in singing "I see a red door and I want to paint it black" and I just couldn't get rid of the song. I thought journal it, it will go, so here it is The Stones "Paint it Black" my entry for August.

I used Adirondack's Colour Wash sprays to colour the fabric background. I used sticky labels to mask the fabric and create stonework around the archway and on the wall. I then removed them to paint them grey. The door, paint tin and brush were all cut out and painted with acrylics separately and appliqued onto the background. I finally drew the picture using fme. However, the song still won't go away its driving me mad.


Angelcat said...

Brown girl in the ring used to be my favourite sone when i was a wee one! My family like to remind me of the time that I stood up in church in the middle of my Aunt's wedding and started singing it! Your pieces as always are lovely. And thanks for the comment on my goddess cards, of course I don't mind if you want to play with the idea too!

McIrish Annie said...

fabulous!! My DH and I have loved every one of these journalpages. He is a real music nut and has loved your interpretations of the song titles!

great work!

Maggie R said...

Your stitching is awesome, You are such an inspiration! Thanks