Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Journal Making Day

I've had a great day finishing of my TIF challenge September piece. This month's TIF challenge theme was 'Lists'. If you have a look at the TIF blog you'll see that there are some great entries but the first one I thought of 'list as in ship's list' had been done already. I had to give more thought to the matter. There are so many different types of lists, shopping, travel clothes, tasks to be done (who hasn't made lots of those) and couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to do. I thought of making paper using lists, then I thought about the letters in the word List and decided to do some digitizing. Using recycled painted tissue and brown paper and a piece of left over marble fabric I made a small book. I embroidered directly onto the brown paper which came out okay. I was a bit afraid it might tear but I'd put some acid free tissue paper underneath as a stabiliser and bonded the whole thing together. The inside pages are again recycled from one of my C&G sketch books - I'd painted too many pages. I believe they are painted with Moonshadow Inks. And a piece of marbled fabric I'd had kicking around for a bit. I shall use this book to make lists of art products I still need to buy.
I also finished Lesson one of Sue Bleiweiss's 'MoreJournalMakingCourse' Lesson 1 was to make a trifold journal which I enjoyed making but am not really a great fan of trifold or concentina type books. However I enjoyed the technique and the novelty of it. Next lesson is on Friday and I'm waiting with anticipation to see what we have to do.
I used two Liberty fabric pieces one for the front and one for the inside. Both of these pieces have been in my stash for quite some time now. The band round the middle with the pen holder came about because I'd cut my fabric to the USA A4 size, which is slightly larger than our UK A4 size. When I trimmed the piece to fit the paper I had this bit left over and was loathed to waste it so I decided to use it as fasteners for the journal.
The inside of the journal uses a brown and pink Liberty fabric whereas the inside is pink, blue and pale green (green doesn't show up on the photo too well). I decided to bond a piece of the outside fabric across the middle of the page to hide the stitch lines of the band.
I'm not keen on the concentina effect of trifold journals so my journal has two fastenings. A velcro one on the back to allow access to the middle signature. Whilst the front opening has a thread and tag fastener that slots into a loop on either side of the journal. So now my journal can be opened either side allowing access to either one set of signatures (in the middle) or two sets of signatues at the front. I told you I didn't like wasting bits.


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Love your journal Annette. The embroidery on the brown paper looks really effective.
I had a giggle about your trip down the Manchester ship canal. At least it was memorable.