Sunday, 4 May 2008

Good Day at Leyburn

Despite all the rain we had a good day at the Food and Drink Festival in Leyburn. We took Mum's wheelchair as we'd been told that the site was wheelchair friendly and so it proved to be.

There were so many people we managed to get separated from the others but luckily I had my mobile with me. It's always been a bit of a joke that although I have a mobile I usually forget it or the battery is low or its at the bottom of my bag and I never hear it ringing. Today though I had it handy, the battery was full and I heard it ringing. We met up with the others for tea, fruit cake and Wensleydale cheese. There were so many 'samples' at stalls that when it came to lunchtime I just wasn't hungry.

This is me pushing my mum, she's thoroughly enjoying some pie 'n' peas. It's not something she usually has but she saw someone eating some and fancied one herself. she managed to eat it all.

By two o'clock I thought Mum was looking a bit tired and the rain had got heavier so we headed home with her. She'd had a really good day and was feeling very happy.

The early start home has given me some unexpected sewing time. I want to make a start on my paper quilt for Terri's course my Muse is calling me.


McIrish Annie said...

Annette, I'm glad to hear that your mom is taking this situation well. It does seem like a reasonable plan and hopefully won't adversely affect her too much.

I am sooo jealous about your new project. I have wanted to make a quilt like that for some time and just haven't had the chance. Will watch anxiously for your progress.

Glad your PC talk went well! It would be super to have all your cards on exhibit!

liz said...

Love the bag you made for the BQL challenge, lovely summer colours.

I have chosen you to pass on the excellence award to. I think you need to copy it from my blog if you want to display it. I won't be offended if you don't want it, I know some people don't like these things.

I like Terri's things too, I made one of her bags.