Saturday, 31 May 2008

Just a quick word

Not had a lot of time but thought I'd give an update on Mum. We went to James Cook yesterday and saw the radiotherapist and the news is good. The type of tumour Mum has responds very well to radiotherapist and there is a good chance that it could fade away to nothing. She's to have 15 sessions (3 x 5 days) and they are allowing her to be an inpatient for the treatment days going home on the weekends. She seems to have had a great weight lifted off her shoulders and is looking forward to the start of treatment which may be the week after next. It depends on the diary, finding enough spaces for her to begin. Its a big relief all round and today I was so washed-out I've done absolutely nothing but the essentials.

As she's going to stay in the hospital I won't need to stay with her and should have time to get some sewing in. Believe me I need some 'me' time as dealing with the "terrible 92's" has been very frustrating at times. I've got some tea cosies to make for the air ambulance and this month's TIF which I hope to do tomorrow. Bed now.


loulee1 said...

Best wishes to you and Mum, I hope all goes well.

Julie said...

I've just popped in to see how things are for you so I'm so pleased you've had some good news about your Mum. I hope things continue well.

I'll be back to catch up with your blog properly. Looks like some lovely work over the last few entries. (I'm busy with sick friend myself).