Friday, 9 May 2008

I've finally managed to get lesson one of Terri's wonderful paper quilting exploration course. I gave the first piece I made away, that's the lime green one with the tulips. Happy Birthday Ann and I hope you liked it and that your legs are soon better than every.

The blue one I made just for me. I could really get carried away with this paper quilting lark and am seriously thinking of doing one of my QC journal pages in it. Not got round to doing Lesson two yet and doubt I'll be able to before next week.

Tomorrow I'm off to the NE Regional Day (EG) taking my monoprinted pieces with me. The blue flower one I wanted to mount on an artist stretcher but couldn't find one the correct size. In the end Keith made me a frame. I stiffened some calico with watered down pva, sewed the piece in the middle and Keith stapled it onto the frame for me.
Also got well on with my miniature booty quilt piece can't show you this one until my recipient received it. Can tell you the colours are way out of my comfort zone but its coming together well. I've used some jelly roll pieces for this quilt and found them more restricting than I had imagined!!! I've been practising quilting with my BSR foot so I could do something other than sid. It took me ages to get the hang of this foot it kept stopping and starting but now I must admit I'm beginning to like it. Its great for fme and free motion quilting but not so hot on stitch-in-the-ditch type quilting or regular sewing but I don't think it was designed for that anyway. I've only got the border to put on the quiltie and add a bit of something but I'm quite pleased with its coming together, only hope the person who's getting it will be happy with it.

I went to the U3A monthly meeting this morning and was looking forward to our after-meeting get together. Unfortunately Mum needed me yesterday while I was there the carriers tried to deliver some stuff I'd ordered on-line. I rearranged delivery for today forgetting momentarily about the meeting. Luckily Keith wasn't too tired this morning so agreed to stay up for a while. I said I'd phone him when we broke up for coffee and come home if it hadn't arrived. Naturally it hadn't so I said goodbye to my friends and left early and yes you've guessed - it arrived 10 minutes after I'd left the meeting. Still it gave me more time to sew.


StegArt said...

Both of these are fabulous!

Genie said...

There lovely, well done

Cathy said...

Very, very pretty.

Cathy said...

Annette - send your e-mail address to me at so I can send you an invite to Fabric in Altered Art so you can join us in making the quited purse/tote.