Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Storm damage to blackbirds home

I have or rather had a Chilean Potato Tree outside my kitchen window, yesterday the wind caught it once too often and down it tumbled. It's weight together with the wind had pulled itself away from the tressel holding it to the wall.

Now it lays in a pile outside the kitchen door completely blocking my way to the washing line. Unfortunately Mr and Mrs Blackbird had made this their home, having been rudely thrown out of the bush in the car park at the side of the house - the council men chopped it down to almost nothing. Rehoused in my splendid tree they created a little family, two blue speckled eggs were lain, sadly they got smashed when the tree fell. Poor Mr & Mrs Blackbird were devastated and have moved to safer territory.

Keith had to chop a lot off the tree to disentangle it from the tressel and wiring and now most of it has gone to the green recycle skips at the recycling centre. I'll have to wait before what's left of it can be put back on the wall as the weather has turned very wet as well as windy.

Good news is that Ihad a wonderful post delivery this morning. This lovely mini quilt arrived from Lil in Luxemberg. I love the the quirky strips in the blocks. Thank you Lil I'll treasure your quilt.

This is a close up of one of the blocks from Lil's quilt.

Besides the quilt my Quilting Art and Stitch magazines arrive and I finally picked up the parcel the post office had been trying to deliver. It proved to be two of Lisa Boyer's books which I just had to buy as I think they were written especially for me.

I also got Jennifer Chiaverini's book "Circle of Quilters" and "Homecoming" but I think I'm going to leave these to take with me on holiday in July.

I thought I'd have time to play today but just as I was about to get down and dirty the phone rang, Mum had fallen, not hard she just sort of slid down the kitchen units but she's shaken. She believes its the medication making her dizzy and it could be so tomorrow its another call out for the doctor to review her meds again. Good news is the nursing services are continuing to check her four times a day and make sure she washes, dresses, eats and takes her meds so I'm not running backwards and forwards across the town so much.

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McIrish Annie said...

So sorry to hear your Mum is still unwell. I love what you did with the Embellisher! they look fabulous.