Sunday, 18 May 2008

Meldon Park

Went to Meldon Park in Northumberland today with the U3A this is the view from the front of the house. Meldon Park has been lived in by the same family for almost the whole of its life. Build by Dobson in the mid 19th Century on Grecian lines its a lovely comfortable family home. I just wish I had one of those rooms to be my sewing room! We had a lovely buffet lunch complete with wine on the second best china and silver there was loads to eat. But I was really glad to get outside again cos the house was really cold, central heating is only in some rooms.

Meldon Park from the front the estate stretches as far as the eye can see and look at that streak of yellow with green dots. If you drew a landscape like that someone would say it didn't look real.
Meldon Park is an equestrian centre but these are the family horses, the one in the middle is Jack and he's brought two of his friends to see who the strangers are.
This is mine-host James Cookson (no relation to the author) he, his wife, three daughters and his mother all live in the house.
Steps to some of the stables covered in aubretia.
Everywhere you went there were bluebells in all shades from white through blue to pink. Both the Spanish and English bluebells had naturalised themselves in the grounds.

The walled garden was just beginning to show life, they've found the season late this year.

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