Friday, 16 May 2008


I've had a teacosy as a UFO for some time now, no real urge to finish it until I heard that they were being made to sell for the Air Ambulance Service. Seeing that my friend Judy had reason to thank their service (she fell trekking across the Pennines breaking her shoulder and had to be air lifted to hospital) I thought I'd make some for this worthwhile cause. So I got out my ufo and finished it.

The teacosy is foundation pieced, four identical sections sewn together at the base, lined and bound with a binding fabric and fastened with velcro on each point.
The teapot is stood in the middle of the cosy and the sides wrap over it with the handle and spout poking . Now I have a problem, the cosy is small just fits a 2 cup pot but the instructions say sew all the velcro on the same . They fasten together across the pot to create a point. I found this created two points and was difficult to fasten with the points crossing each other. I'll unpick two pieces of velcro and sew then on the top that way they'll all lay flat and should fasten easily.
Went to James Cook hospital yesterday with Keith to see the neurosurgeon. He's quite pleased at the response Keith has had to the steroid injection into his spinal column. Keith also is finding it easier each day to walk just that little bit further. He goes back in a couple of months to see if the pain relief injection is still working.
Mum's doing okay, still having the odd nosebleed but not as severe as they were and she's coping well. Mil though is on the decline, she's loosing weight quite rapidly and has broken two fingers in a fall. She quite lethargic and withdrawn at the moment, though still enjoyed having her hair done. Her doctor feels these symptoms may just be part of the Alzheimer's disease as it's know that it can affect the absorption of vitamins. In the meantime they are trying to get her to drink vitamine drinks. But the new clothes I bought for her a month ago are now hanging on her - I really do hate this disease.

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