Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Miniature quilt swap

At last I've finished my first mini quilt, this one is for the Quilting Pirate 'Toni' Miniaturebooty swap. I'm not a particularly good quilter so I normally just do stitch-in-the-ditch but I bought Patsy Thompson's quilting dvd's and thought I'd give 'proper' quilting a go. So this one has wandering lines and leaves all over it. After I'd finished it I hung it up and somehow it looked too bland. Think it was the co-ordinating shades of the Moda fabrics I'd used. I decided to bond some flower shapes onto the top echoing the flower theme in the fabrics. This really lifted the quilt and after I'd put centres in and quilted round them I was happy with it. Though I must admit I'm not sure what the recipient will think of it.

Close-up of the fabrics and appliqued flowers.

We took my Mum to the coast on Sunday. my sister and son Simon and his girlfriend Julie came with us. The weather had really cooled down from the day before. We stopped at Sandsend just outside of Whitby and walked along the front. There were people on the beach flying kites as it was just right conditions to do that. My son told his girlfriend how as children he and his brother had a big kite their grandmother bought them and they loved to fly it. I said I really missed that kite we'd had lots of fun with it. Five minutes later Keith produced a kite he'd bought for me. Unfortunately we didn't have time to fly it because just as we got it unwrapped the fog came in from the sea and we thought it best to get Mum out of the cold air.

We stopped at Whitby for Mum to play on the slot machines she's a real demon on them and boy did we have problems getting her out of there!!! The sun was out by this time and after we'd all had fish and chips and watched the sea for a bit we thought we'd return home over the moors. We stopped on the way back and had a picnic at Helmsley with view of the castle behind us. Mum really enjoyed her day as did we all.

Keith, Simon and Me.
Mum, Julie and my Sister Lesley


jovaliquilts said...

Your booty quilt is lovely! (Well, what we can see of it.) I'm sure the recipient will like it. The quilting looks great -- I'll have to get those DVD's.

loulee1 said...

Hi Annette, I think you better go have a peep at my blog!