Monday, 26 May 2008

Swap catch up

Not had a great deal of time recently to sew Mum's been quite ill and I've spent most of my time with her but she's on the mend now. I'd made the base of these embellisher felt landscapes before Mum took ill and while I was sitting with her I managed to get some hand sewing done on one of them. When I got home I created machine embroidered borders on them. Just a few stitches on this first one and they can go to their new owners. One is for the Pamela Gilfoyle but haven't decided yet which one will go - I'll probably just turn them over and pop one into an envelope. Embellisher felt landscapes.
One complete with handembroidery.

The arch is for Francie of Textile Challenge fame its paperfabric background with velvet triangles and fme scribble. It's finished with a beaded tassle and it took me ages to get the strands to lay still until I remembered you needed to damp them then comb them.

My work in progress to be completed within the next 3 days is:

TIF challenge - how would I describe myself, I've thought about this and I normally think of myself as an embroiderer who quilts but really I'm not a quilter. I like traditional quilts but don't want to make one, I can make my points fit but I prefer squiggly lines and whenever I finish a quilt top I want to embellish it. My trad quilter friend thinks I spoil them so perhaps I'm not a quilter. So how do I describe myself - still not certain, textile artist perhaps so maybe I should just do the colour pallet part of the challenge until I make up my mind.

A 'Mountain' challenge from the Machine-Felting and Machine Embroidery group.

A 'Month and Year' Journal Page and a take up the hems on my husbands trousers he's in danger of tripping over them.

Received two more Art Deco flower cards the first is from Christine which I love, its very artistic with hand painted carnations. The background is paperfabric and a photoprint of a 1920's floral wall.
This second card is from Jennifer and in some ways is similar in style to the one I sent, great minds etc.
Its way past midnight, Keith's left for work, Sy is staying at a friends house so I have the place to myself. But I'm getting tired so will retire with a hot drink and a hot drink.


Ati. Norway. said...

The landscapes are lovely, nice framed too!

NuvoFelt said...

Glad you mum is on the mend, it's been a worrying time for you. The landscapes are beautiful, and that framing just finishes them off. Thanks for sharing them with us.

MargaretR said...

I'm so glad to hear your mum is improving.
Your embellisher work is fantastic!