Saturday, 3 May 2008

Play Day

Yesterday the sun shone and it brought me out into the garden to play. I wanted to make some fabric paper for Terri Stegmiller's Paper Quilt course. I have very little room indoors so it was an ideal opportunity. These are some of the papers I made and I look forward to following Terri's instructions to make a paper quilt. Apart from making the fabric paper I did absolutely nothing yesterday and I feel much better for it. I can really recommend a playday to iron out the doldrums.

Today I gave a talk to our local EG on fabric postcards. I took along my collection of well over 500 and rising. It went down very well ,much to my relief , I wasa a bit worried as there were only about 30-40 people there due to the bank holiday. I'd prepared overhead projector sheets of some my favourite cards but it was positioned so far away from where I had to stand that I abandoned the idea and just talked. I handed round the cards while I talked about them which went down well. There were lots of o0hing and ahhing, some smiles but lots of praise for the makers of the cards.

Out of this talk came a request for me to do a fpc workshop with the members and a seperate one with the commitee who can't wait to make one. One lady asked me if I would consider allowing Bowes Museum put on an exhibition of the cards from around the world as they were always looking for something different. I'll wait and see whether anything comes of that one.

We're taking Mum to Leyburn Food and Craft Market tomorrow. Its a big 4 day event a bit like a giant Farmers' Market. It started out with just me and Keith taking Mum, now there are eleven of us going, we'll look like a convoy!! Mum's really looking forward to having a day out with so many of her family, just hope the weather keeps smiling.

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StegArt said...

Looks like you created several lovely colors of fabric backed paper.