Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Miniature quilt swap 2

After mixing up the name of the group for my last miniature quilt swap I need to be absolutely certain I get it right this time. This is the quilt I made for my Minaturebooty Quilt Swap the other one was for the ALQS and for Loulee in the Isle of Man. I can mention Loulee's name now that she's received it. I got a lovely card this morning from Loulee thanking me for the quilt I was so cheered by it.

Having got the right partner but the wrong group and deadline date for my last quilt I needed to do this one fairly quickly to meet the deadline. I got up early yesterday and set to to make this one. It took me all day but I did it - hurray!!! It's much better in real life than in the photo so I do hope my partner likes it, she said she liked bright colours.

Booked our New Year holiday today, we're going to Calella on the Costa Maresme in Spain. We went a couple of years ago and enjoyed the peaceful village life and the winter sun. You can get the train into Barcelona from there so will probably do that. As Keith is walking better than he has done for a while perhaps we might even get some walking in while we're there.


loulee1 said...

Goodness your card arrived fast, I only mailed it yesterday. :-)

This little quilt has pretty colours too. They are fun to make aren't they.

McIrish Annie said...

Annette, your quilt is lovely. and your new year's holiday sounds fabulous. Although I love living in the US, I am jealous of all of youe being able to jump from country to country!